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Craig has been handicapping for 15 years. Over that 15 years he learned how to study games and the lines and developed a winning strategy. He has consistently been producing winners for years now. In 2008 Craig decided to start releasing his plays to the public for everyone to profit. Craig started his website where he is one of many professional handicappers to list and track there plays. Track his winners and witness why others pay to get his opinion. His expertise is in football, basketball, and baseball. Quit looking at betting as a risk and start looking at it as an investment! Give Craig a chance today and watch your ROI increase dramatically!
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Last 10 Picks
(NBA) New York vs Utah, 01/26/2021 9:00 PM, Score: 94 : 108
Play Type Result
Point Spread: -11.00 | -109.00, Utah (Home) Premium Win
(NCAAB) Butler vs Connecticut, 01/26/2021 8:30 PM, Score: 51 : 63
Play Type Result
Point Spread: 6.00 | -110.00, Butler (Away) Premium Loss
(NCAAB) Utah State vs UNLV, 01/25/2021 9:00 PM, Score: 56 : 59
Play Type Result
Point Spread: -6.00 | -108.00, Utah State (Away) Premium Loss
(NBA) Charlotte vs Orlando, 01/25/2021 7:00 PM, Score: 108 : 117
Play Type Result
Point Spread: -1.00 | -110.00, Charlotte (Away) Premium Loss
(NFL) Buffalo vs Kansas City, 01/24/2021 6:40 PM, Score: 24 : 38
Play Type Result
Point Spread: -3.00 | -115.00, Kansas City (Home) Premium Win
(NFL) Tampa Bay vs Green Bay, 01/24/2021 3:05 PM, Score: 31 : 26
Play Type Result
Point Spread: -3.50 | -104.00, Green Bay (Home) Premium Loss
(NBA) Toronto vs Indiana, 01/24/2021 1:00 PM, Score: 107 : 102
Play Type Result
Point Spread: -1.50 | -110.00, Indiana (Home) Premium Loss
(NCAAB) Rutgers vs Indiana, 01/24/2021 12:00 PM, Score: 74 : 70
Play Type Result
Point Spread: -4.50 | -103.00, Indiana (Home) Premium Loss
(NBA) Golden State vs Utah, 01/23/2021 9:00 PM, Score: 108 : 127
Play Type Result
Total: 225.00 | -104.00, Over Premium Win
(NCAAB) Providence vs Villanova, 01/23/2021 2:30 PM, Score: 56 : 71
Play Type Result
Point Spread: 11.00 | -110.00, Providence (Away) Premium Loss