(NFL) Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh, 01/10/2021 8:15 PM, Score: 48 - 37
Point Spread: 6.00 | 101.00 Cleveland (Away)
Result: Win
Pitt is getting too much credit here. Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger owns the Browns he is 23-2-1 against Cleveland in his career and the Browns have 17 straight losses in Pittsburgh.  However those were bad Cleveland teams and this team is solid.  Pittsburgh played one good half since Thanksgiving and that was the 2nd half vs the Colts.
A few guys are out with Covid for Cleveland but none of them are key players. Cleveland doesn't have their HC but its tough to prepare for a coach you dont know and what he will be running.
I expect this to be a close game and I'll gladly take the points on Sunday night with the Browns.