THE Game of the Month NHL 10*
(NHL) Florida vs. Pittsburgh, 01/24/2023 7:00 PM, Score: 6 - 7
Money Line: -140.00 Pittsburgh (Home)
Result: Win
NHL Tuesday 10* Top Play Pittsburgh Penguins Money Line -140 vs Florida Panthers @ 7:05 ET - The Panthers are in a back to back spot here. Florida had Lyon in goal last night and he struggled as I expected (we had over in their match-up with the Rangers here yesterday). Now, with Bobrovsky still dealing with an injury, it is likely be Knight who gets the start in goal tonight. He has allowed 21 goals in his last 5 appearances and only lasted about 1 period in one of those. Knight is back up from being assigned to AHL and I look for his NHL-level struggles to quickly resume. As for the Penguins, they are off a tight 2-1 OT loss and will be fired up here. They have the rest edge over the Panthers and plus Tristan Jarry has looked great in goal since he came back. He has allowed just 1 goal in regulation time of each of his two starts since he came back. So the Penguins have the edges here with a rest edge, home ice edge, and the goalie edge. Florida has lost 17 of 28 games this season on the road. Pittsburgh is solid 13-5-4 on home ice this season. Jarry is 16-5-5 with a solid 2.65 GAA this season. In 15 home starts this season he has only 2 losses in regulation time! We get a bargain price here because Penguins had slumped the final week of December and first week of January but they are starting to turn the corner and could be getting Kris Letang back soon as well. All in all, a great set-up here for home dominance. 10* PITTSBURGH -140