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The owners of American Sports Analysts (ASA), Lee Kostroski & Mike Merlet, have a combined 50+ years in the sports betting industry and have learned through firsthand experience what works and what doesn’t. Both started with Doc’s Enterprises, Lee in the late 80’s and Mike in the early 90’s. After learning the handicapping trade from one of the oldest in the business, they started ASA Inc in 1997 and have been going strong ever since. They have been known throughout the industry for their success on BIG GAMES including their 10* Midwest Game of the Year. ASA is located in Madison, WI and a foundation of their handicapping prowess revolves around the heart of the country– especially the Big Ten. ASA has appeared on numerous radio shows throughout the country as special expert football guests including Tampa, New Orleans, Madison, Milwaukee, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Denver just to name a few. They were also featured on the ESPN website with gaming writer Chad Millman during the 2011 Season. ASA’s handicapping methods have evolved through years of hard work and research being the anchor of their success. Rather than implementing one specific strategy as many handicappers do, they intertwine many different philosophies when it comes to making football, basketball, hockey, and baseball selections. They utilize their massive database that goes back over 30 years and can give them in-depth information on any situation you can think of when it comes to handicapping. That is not where they stop, however. They also research stats and film each week to evaluate the upcoming match ups on the field along with speaking with their personal contacts throughout the country (especially in theMidwest). On top of that, they analyze each point spread (and their movements) comparing them with their own power ratings to find where an edge might be found. Lastly, their predictive analytics or math models predict the outcomes of games based solely on numbers and statistics that are not swayed by the human element. So, as you can see, just because a game may fall into a successful system or the scheduling looks good to go against or with a certain team, that doesn’t mean that ASA automatically uses it as a selection. It must go through their in-depth process with all things considered before they give it the ASA stamp of approval. Looking at games from all these angles gives ASA the best of all worlds when it comes to handicapping. Their handicapping theories have proven successful over the years which has them as one of the more tenured experts in the industry. Lee & Mike at ASA have stood the test of time in an industry that makes it very tough to do so. Their 50+ years of experience will give you the WINNING EDGE you need. Sports wagering is an investment and it is time you invest in the known commodity of ASA!
Premium Picks
ASA AAC 10* CBB *GAME OF THE YEAR* 69% RUN! Guarantee
ASA 2-1 Friday and WON in CBB with Texas St! After 1-0 CBB, now HUGE Saturday ready! ASA Game/Total of the Year picks across all sports are on a 9-4 (69%) RUN! Also, specific to CBB, ASA is on an 8-4 (67%) RUN with Game/Total of the Year picks. Couple that with their all sports overall long-term success and you surely do not want to miss ASA's #1 STRONGEST PLAY from this Conference for the ENTIRE SEASON! This is ASA's AAC 10* CBB Game of the Year! BEST BET! Yes, this is absolutely THE BIG ONE!
1 pick (
, First game starts 52 minutes from now
1 pick
ASA CBB 10* SEC Situational Slam! 75% HEATER! Guarantee
ASA off 2-1 Friday (1-0 CBB) to welcome March ready for the Madness to begin! Still in regular season action right now but that does not mean that FANTASTIC situations are not out there. This one Saturday certainly belongs in that FANTASTIC category and that is why it earns Situational Slam status for ASA! Their Situational picks across all sports are on a 6-2 (75%) RUN and ready for HUGE Saturday! Get in on this BEAUTY early before the market movers impact this line heavily! Tests 75% HEATER!
1 pick (
, First game starts 52 minutes from now
1 pick
ASA NBA TV Situational Rout! 6-1 (86%) RUN! Guarantee
ASA off 2-1 Friday and welcomes March ready for the Madness to begin! The NBA is still HOT long-term even after 1-1 split Friday! Fantastic situations come up regularly in NBA at this time of the season and this one Saturday certainly belongs in that FANTASTIC category! This is a Situational Rout for ASA! Situational picks in NBA are on an 86% RUN for ASA and its time for MASSIVE Saturday! Get in on this ROUT early before the market movers impact this line heavily! Tests 6-1 (86%) RUN! NBA TV!
1 pick (
, First game starts 1 hour from now
1 pick


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ASA has been an industry standard brand for one big reason ... consistent winning! Jump on board and share in the WINNING as you witness for yourself!

BIG 2023! ASA runs thru July 16th: All Sports 42 games over .500 and UP $14,560 in 2023! NBA Tops long-term +$55,600 (+100 games)! NHL long-term +$38,240 (+44 games)! CFB 72-49 (+$18,180). MLB Sides 43-27 in 2023.

Free Picks

ASA Free Play Saturday CBB
(NCAAB) Illinois vs. Wisconsin, 03/02/2024 1:00 PM
Total: 154.00 | -109.00 Over
#619/620 ASA FREE PLAY ON Over 154 Points – Illinois vs Wisconsin, Saturday at 1 PM ET - We have 2 of the top 20 most efficient offenses in CBB in this game with Illinois ranking 3rd & Wisconsin 19th. We can’t say the same for the defenses. Both defenses have fallen off drastically compared to last year’s numbers with Wisconsin ranking 54th in defensive efficiency (after finishing 19th last year) and Illinois is 95th in defensive efficiency (after finishing 26th last year). Not only are those number not great to say the least, both of these defenses have been worse as of late. Since Feb 1st Illinois is 270th in defensive efficiency allowing 1.10 PPP & Wisconsin is 85th allowing 1.01 PPP. The Illini have allowed at least 80 points in 5 of their last 6 games but offensive they are rolling putting up at least 80 points in 11 of their last 12 games. Wisconsin just allowed 70+ points in their last 2 games vs poor offensive teams. Maryland, who is 13th in offensive efficiency in Big 10 put up 70 points and Indiana, who is 11th in offensive efficiency in conference play, put up 74 points. Going back further, the Badgers have allowed an average of 74 PPG over their last 8 and faced only 2 top 35 offenses (efficiency wise) during that stretch. Offensively, both teams can shoot the ball. They both rank in the top 4 shooting teams in the Big 10 (eFG%) and both make more than 76% of their FT’s so we’ll get some extra points from the charity stripe here. Illinois is 20-8 to the OVER this year and even Wisconsin is 17-11 to the OVER for a combined 37-19 to the OVER. We expect at least 160 points in this one and with the opening line at 155 we’ll take the Over.

Last 10 Picks

(NBA) Milwaukee vs Chicago, 03/01/2024 10:00 PM, Score: 113 : 97
Point Spread: 3.50 | -110.00, Chicago (Home) Premium Loss
(NCAAB) Troy vs Texas State, 03/01/2024 8:15 PM, Score: 79 : 82
Point Spread: 3.00 | -110.00, Texas State (Home) Premium Win
(NBA) Indiana vs New Orleans, 03/01/2024 8:00 PM, Score: 102 : 129
Point Spread: -5.50 | -100.00, New Orleans (Home) Premium Win
(NCAAB) USC vs Washington State, 02/29/2024 10:30 PM, Score: 72 : 75
Point Spread: -6.50 | -110.00, Washington State (Home) Premium Loss
(NBA) Houston vs Phoenix, 02/29/2024 9:00 PM, Score: 105 : 110
Point Spread: -8.50 | -107.00, Phoenix (Home) Premium Loss
(NBA) LA Lakers vs LA Clippers, 02/28/2024 10:00 PM, Score: 116 : 112
Point Spread: -3.50 | -105.00, LA Clippers (Home) Premium Loss
(NCAAB) Arizona vs Arizona State, 02/28/2024 10:00 PM, Score: 85 : 67
Point Spread: 12.00 | -110.00, Arizona State (Home) Premium Loss
(NCAAB) Minnesota vs Illinois, 02/28/2024 9:00 PM, Score: 97 : 105
Point Spread: 11.50 | -108.00, Minnesota (Away) Premium Win
(NCAAB) St. John's vs Butler, 02/28/2024 8:30 PM, Score: 82 : 59
Money Line: -112.00, Butler (Home) Premium Loss
(NBA) Dallas vs Toronto, 02/28/2024 7:30 PM, Score: 136 : 125
Point Spread: 3.00 | -110.00, Toronto (Home) Premium Loss